VIDEO: Josh Rosen on Win Over Colorado

Oct. 31 -- Josh Rosen talked about his performance in the 35-31 win over Colorado on Saturday...

Josh Rosen talked after the Colorado win.

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On if the lack of possession threw off their rhythm:

No, the rhythm was there. Its momentum.  

On if a lack of opportunities means don't waste them:

No.  If you touch the ball five or ten more times, the goal doesn't change. You're not going to put more urgency in.

On if they want to control the clock:

We don't care, we want touchdowns.

On the fumble:

Stuff happens. Then we went down and scored and our defense made two huge stops.

On turning the page since he was Bosco:

Its not going to effect me in the future. If I throw a pick six, I'll come out and throw a 10-yard out, its the same route. What happened before shouldn't have an effect, other than schematically. They give you something, you have to convert.

On measuring their growth:

I don't know, that's for you guys to speculate on.

On controlling their own destiny:

We have to win every single game. 

On if he's happy with his performance:

I'm happy that we won. Like I said last week, I was as happy as after we beat BYU.

On if fatigue is a factor:

I don't want to speak to that, I usually don't run during the games. I felt fine.

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