VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on Offensive Performance

Oct. 31 -- Noel Mazzone talks about the offensive performance against Colorado and why it was so difficult to have long drives...

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On Josh Rosen's response after fumble:

Im proud of the whole kids.  We were half a step off on all our stuff today. We couldn't stay on the field.  Then there at the end of the game, a couple kids made great plays.  He fumbles, we give them a touchdown. The kids never blinked. I wish they would not blink as much.  We had a couple kids go down and others go in and play and do a great job.

On Paul Perkins:

I didn't know he was that fast.  That was a great call, who made that call? That and the screen, he broke that.  That was Paul.  Its nothing unusual.  

On trying to warm up the offense:

We just could not get it, we missed a slant, or missed a block. It was truly a famine, famine, feast game for us.  We talk to the kids, what's looking good and not working.

On if they had to improvise:

Not, not really. In every game, there is a play here or there not in your game plan.  When you see how they're playing you, you talk it through. 

On challenges after long drives:

The challenge for us is to get our defense off the field.  It was weird, we'd punt or Paul would go 80 in one play. It was a weird day.

On Perkins' run:

Like I said, that is all of us, we've come to expect that.  We need someone to step up and make a play, him, Jordan Payton, Duarte, the offensive line.  Made some plays when they had to.

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