VIDEO: Kenny Clark on Issues on Defense

Nov. 1 -- Kenny Clark talks about the issues on defense against Colorado on Saturday...

Kenneth Clark talked after the Colorado game.

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On being tired:

I am definitely. That was a good football team.  They played hard, we played hard, it came down to the end, I'm happy with it.

On the last two drives:

We had a lot of injuries today.  The young guys stepped up and all the leaders on our defense were preaching to step up.  That was big, we needed to step up and Nate made a great play and our backers made great plays. Cameron Judge came in, and Josh Woods.  We played well.  The good thing about practice is they came out, knowing the situation.  They go every day.  Cameron Judge and Josh Woods, they work hard. Nate Meadors, they all work hard. We honestly already, whatever situation, our young guys come in.  

On if fatigue is a factor:

They just made the plays, and when our offense was on the field, they scored in like 1-2 plays.  They had the long drive and Ish got the pick, and then our offense scored the second play. We were tired and there is a lot of fatigue, but that's not an excuse. We played a lot of plays and our offense did a good of scoring and that's what they're supposed to do.

On if Colorado went more tempo:

They went a lot quicker than I saw on film. 

On if they underestimated Colorado:

We didn't underestimate them at all.  Last year, it came down to the wire. That's a good football team, a young team, they came off a great win at Oregon State last week, they're a good team, they work hard, they came out 100% effort and came back.

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