VIDEO: Thomas Duarte After Colorado

Nov. 2 -- Thomas Duarte talks about the inability to sustain drives on offense during the Colorado game on Saturday...

Thomas Duarte talks after Colorado.

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On Josh Rosen bouncing back after the fumble:

That’s the thing about Josh, we love about him.  One bad play won’t get him out of his game. He’s always a next play mentality and always ready to come back and play.

On if they saw how much the defense was going through:

Yes, we saw the guys come off the field. It was tough to see. We were on the sidelines thinking how we have to score.  We saw the guys going to the training table and its hard because there is nothing we could do but score, that is all we could do really.  It was tough to see.

On the defense playing so many plays:

All credit to the defense, they played 100 snaps.  Its a credit to them and their conditioning.  Those guys fight and we work with them day in and day out.  

On if he’s seen a game like that:

My senior year against Alemany it was a shootout, they’d take the lead and we’d take the lead.  It reminded me of that game. The mentality of our team was like in high school and it starts at the top.  When the chips are down, Coach Mora does a great job of getting us up.

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