VIDEO: Aaron Wallace on Linebacker Depth

Nov. 3 -- Aaron Wallace talks about the linebacker depth heading into Oregon State this week...

Aaron Wallace talked during Oregon State week.

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On if he'll play Mike this week:

I don't know, injuries have thrown everything off. If they ask me to play Mike, I'll do what I can.

On if he's ever been on a team decimated by injuries:

Probably not, they're part of the game and they happen. This year it's been a little tougher and we just try to manage best we can and step up.

On keeping a positive mindset:

Its just team moreale and keeping it up. Its been tough but coaches do a good job and players are supporting each other so we step up.

On Kenny Clark's role:

It's enormous. He's a great player and great friend and you know when he's out there, you'll feel good when he's lining up next to you.  He's not a loud guy, he's quiet, and everyone wants to pat him on the back and tell him how good he is but he's quiet and humble.

On if he thought they'd control their destiny in South with the injuries:

Going in to the season we knew the bar was really high for us. It was going to be a tough year with injuries being unforseen. But we're battling through it and have a good attitude.

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