Jayon Brown on Big Game Against Colorado

Nov. 2 -- Jayon Brown talks about his big performance against Colorado and playing some Mike linebacker at the end...

Jayon Brown talked during Oregon State week.

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On how felt after Colorado game:

I'm very sore. I have to get my body right for the next week coming up.

On if it changed the recovery process:

Nah, the same thing, taking care of my body, get in the training room, get treatment.

On when he was told he wasn't coming out:

I knew I wasn't coming off the field so I got my mind right and went out and played and performed and came out with a victory

On playing 110 snaps:

Yeah, that's a lot. I didn't even know I played that many snaps.  I'm glad we won.  I didn't feel the heat at all, just that we were on the field a long time. As long as our offense was scoring, I was fine with it.

On Cameron Judge:

He did great. Cam made a lot of plays as a jack backer, and made a big one on 4th and 4. Cam did a great job. We went on the field together, communicating, that's what we'd been waiting for. We were excited to play. We kept each other accountable.

On if fatigue affected communication:

No, when you get tired, you don't want to talk, but in a game like that, you have to.  Gather around everybody, help each other out.  I told them we gotta win and get a victory.  

On how much Mike he played:

The whole fourth quarter. It was fun playing Mike but I need to work on it.

On Nate Meadors' interception:

That was the best feeling ever, I was like 'games over, lets get some rest.'  Nate's the man for that.

On the other linebackers returning:

Very important, we need as many bodies as we can.  They need to get healthy.  They bring another voice, great run stoppers, great defensive players and great linebackers.

On Ishmael Adams' pick-six:

Ish can do that three plays in a row, I don't care. The bigger the margin, the better.

On Oregon State's running quarterback:

Hit the books, film room and get our fit up better and tackle better.  

On so many guys in new positions:

We messed up a lot due to the fatigue and not having guys at the position they play. It worked out good. When you're on the field, the more you talk, the more your mind gets settled and the more you can play football.

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