VIDEO: Jordan Payton on Oregon State

Nov. 2 - Jordan Payton talks about going up against Oregon State and the extent of the injuries at this point of the season...

Jordan Payton talks during Oregon State week.

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On takeaways from Colorado:

First it was a big win for us.  We went through so many different things during that game so I'm just happy we came through with a great win and a gutty win.  For my group, we played well across the board. There are always things to fix, but we're excited about next week for sure.

On if he's ready to play middle linebacker:

I know right? Maybe I'll have to step in somewhere. But that's the nature of the game. We have some phenomenal players across the board and we're seeing them. Even my best friend, Cameron Judge, got in there and he looked phenomenal out there. Its exciting to see the other guys. It sucks to have players go down, but we have to keep rolling.

On if he's been a team with this many injuries:

I haven't seen or heard anything like this. Its crazy. Its the game of football. We play a game with 100% injury right.

On being 6-2 with the injuries:

Its crazy right.  We're still in this and we control it. What a great situation to be in. For us, for me personally, my senior year, to control our destiny. We have to go to Corvallis and they've been through stuff, but they're still a Pac-12 team that does some good stuff on defense.

On Oregon State's defense:

They're athletic, they play hard and play tough.  Definitely not a team, you have to be prepared for them.  We know we have to go and play our best football. And my brother went to Oregon State so I know how much they love their Beavers and how they play at home, so we have to bring it.

On if they have an increased level of seriousness:

For sure. You can't sleep on these teams. There are no bad teams in the Pac-12. With close games, we've been in a lot of them. We have to bring the intensity and the focus.

On Josh Rosen:

He's a phenomenal player. All across the board. A phenomenal person and player. You don't worry about the mental side.  Each week, we see him make steps.  Like I said before the season, the only thing for Josh is seeing everything.  Seeing different schemes. There are always situations where he's learning.  

On his ball security in throwing:

He just learned and he's extremely smart. Once he makes a mistake, he can fix it.  He fixes his mistakes. 

On being on the sidelines during long drives against the defense:

He doesn't blink.  He takes it right to it. There is no, 'oh man, we have to get out there and score'.  Your quarterback is not supposed to show the downs.  You can look to him for dominance.  It was 'lets go do it'.  So that's what we did.

On Oregon State's defense being similar to Utah:

You can see a lot of man.  The defense is a little bit like Utah, his own schemes this time. He's a great defensive coordinator and we have to be prepared. I have to bring my best game and so do the rest of offensive guys.

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