VIDEO: Deon Hollins on Returning To Action

Nov. 5 -- Deon Hollins talks about getting back on the field last week against Colorado...

Deon Hollins talked during Oregon State week.

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On returning to action:

It was great.  It was tough coming back from an injury, getting in the swing of things. But it was definitely great.

On the linebacker losses:

Injuries have reached a comical proportion.  Josh Woods didn't even expect to play, his mouthpiece is in his pants.  A couple times, we just weren't on the same page. Its really crazy dealing with all those injuries.

On playing middle linebacker:

Coach Bradley said we may do a little of that this week.  Its just crazy. We're watching film and so many guys went down. This speaks to the resiliency of our team.  Its hard to kind of tell guys' status.

On Kenny Clark:

As the injuries mount up, his importance to the defense rises every week. I was talking to EK this week and was talking about how important he was to the defense.  Just what he can do when he clogs those running lanes.  He's more a leader by example type of guy, getting on them to make sure they're doing what they're supposed to do. He has a real calm demeanor. He commands respect. He's been that way since last year and commanded that respect since last year. 

On if he's ever played middle linebacker:

I repped it a little last year with Coach Brick, but we never had to do it because we had Myles and EK.

On how much he's watched Oregon State:

We're going to mostly watch this afternoon.

On so many plays against Colorado:

I remember AB and EK said ASU played over 100.  It was 114 plays but 120 plays total.  A couple guys had heat exhaustion.  We were happy for the quick scores, but then were like 'oh crap, here's another long drive."

On if Colorado's offense is a multi-play offense:

It was that sort of offense. We were prepared for it.  Those passes are 5-yards, 6-yards. Just a good run by the offense is a 3-yard gain.

On their mindset:

Just don't break, just don't break. A lot of guys were getting exhausted. Jayon played 110 snaps, that's just unheard of. Don't break was the mentality. We knew as the game went on, we'd have to have a bunch of stops.

On how much the defense simplified:

A lot of the calls, we couldn't run. We got back more simplistic, but those guys, we know now, everyone is going to be prepared.

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