VIDEO: Jim Mora With Injury Updates, More

Nov. 3 -- Jim Mora talked about injury updates, Josh Rosen's development, and more...

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Opening statement:

We're getting ready for Oregon State. Tremendous energy today, so that's a positive. We got a couple guys back on the field today. Caleb was able to practice, Kolton was able to practice, Kenny Young was able to practice.  Deon was a little better, Marcus Rios was able to practice.  We're not 100% healthy, but who is at this time.  We're just pushing through the discomfort of this part of the season. Its a great challenge going on the road and hopefully we can get a streak started again.  We've been good on the road historically, obviously a couple weeks ago we struggled, so we're going up there to play our best ball.

On Oregon State's quarterback switching:

Well they switch quarterbacks a lot. During games they'll switch quarterbacks. So you're seeing both on film. They had to put one in because one was hurt and didn't travel. You have to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They've been playing both those guys consistently.  They're both very mobile and both can run and have the ability to throw.  If (Collins) is in there, he's a pretty dynamic runner and you have to be aware of that.

On similarities with Utah in Oregon State's defense:

Well, they play mostly three down and Utah is a little more four down. A lot of pressure. They'll mix in some blitz and run some quarter, split safety stuff. I think good coordinators adjust to their personnel.  They have the ability to adjust to their personnel. At one place, they may be a blitz-happy guy, then another, they may not have the personnel, or injuries. But they play well and play hard.

On if defenses are pressuring Rosen more:

Not really. Here's the thing with Colorado.  They tried to do some things that Arizona State did, and we scored a touchdown. The 84-yarder, they bring pressure and score a touchdown. The Duarte one, they bring pressure and we take it down to the five. People drop the term blitz, like its little league, run them all in there. It doesn't work like that, at this level. You have guys across from you who know how to block it. That's what makes calling a game fun. I think he's shown the ability to play well against the pressure. We've only given up nine sacks in eight games. They're not treating him like a true freshman like the beginnign of the season.  You saw he was a semifinalist for the Davey O'Brien Award, one of 17 quarterbacks in the country. I dont know if he's the only true freshman on the list. I don't see teams treating him like a true freshman anymore. Through eight games, he's developed where they have to respect his ability, his intelligence and his poise.

On Rosen's protecting in passing:

He's become a much better decision maker with regards of when to throw it away, when to run out of bounds, throw it in the dirt, and not to throw across his body.  He's showing that he's maturing and intelligent and applying the lessons he's learning.

On Alex Redmond:

Yeah, Alex is back with us.

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