VIDEO: Eric Yarber on Receiver Development

Nov. 4 -- Eric Yarber talked about the development of Darren Andrews, Stephen Johnson, and more...

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On Jordan Lasley:

I was just glad he didn't drop it. Jordan is a guy who wants to make plays. A lot of times when you want to make plays, you pop your head. But he looked it in, all the way to the tuck, got a first down and it was good to see him get his first catch, and I think it is the first of many.

On Payton/Duarte being go-to guys:

Those guys are playing at a high-level so if I was a quarterback, I would target them a lot too. You'll see more guys stepping up. Before Devin Fuller got hurt, he was springboarding and taking of. Darren Andrews is doing a real good job and running great routes. You'll see him running downfields and he's making tough runs on screens and he'll make a tough run on 11-12 yards.

On Darren Andrews:

I'm a big fan of Darren Andrews from the standpoint of all that he's overcome. It could have been very easy for him to be discouraged after those devastating knee injuries but he stayed the course, got back and never got discouraged. When he stayed locked in, even though he was injured, I had him do scout reports on players. Every time it was right on and it showed me he wasn't going to give up, he was locked in.

On Stephen Johnson:

He's getting better and better. He's taking the coaching. He's not thinking as much.  We'll see a lot of his talent.  You'll see glimpses of it, but he's thinking a bit.  He's figuring it out.

On Devin Fuller:

Devin has showed a lot of explosiveness.  Moving him from inside to outside, he got used to playing inside, but when he got to outside, he realized there was no one out there. He plays very fast on an island.

On the younger receivers development:

Pretty soon, you'll like what you see. I've got a nice little group to mold. They're doing very good. Lasley is doing very good in practice, Alex Van Dyke is doing very good in practice, Sharp is doing good, and I'm glad I can get those guys some confidence and I think you'll like what you see from them.

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