VIDEO: Cameron Judge on Filling In

Nov. 4 -- Cameron Judge talks about filling in on the inside against Colorado last week...

Cameron Judge talked during Oregon State week.

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On playing inside:

We had a lot of people going down.  Coach White has been telling us, prepare like starters, you'll never know when you'll be called and when my number was called, I was ready to go in.  It's not too bad, I've played it over the years I've been here.  I paid attention to all the positions. You never know.  You have to see the whole formation instead of just one or two keys.  That's probably the biggest difference.

On surging with Jayon Brown:

It was awesome being out there with Jayon because we've been on special teams together, so lining up next to him was a good feeling.  Jayon is one of my best friends so we were definitely on the same page out there.

On if he feels he opened some eyes:

I don't know, I'm just focusing on my job.

On playing more there:

I've been getting more work there this week.

On what he saw on film:

There are definitely things I can improve on, being more physical at the point.  But don't want to be too hard on myself, I thought I did alright, but there is definitely room to improve.

On how much inside he's played:

Most of my time my freshman year was there, but I was on scout most of that year. Last year, I started out there and switched outside. Once Myles went down, Coach White told me to know more inside too.  It wasn't too big a difference, I was ready to go.

On the biggest adjustment:

Seeing the whole formation is one of the bigger things.

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