VIDEO: Jake Brendel on Offensive Line

Nov. 5 -- Jake Brendel talks about the cohesion of the offensive line and dealing with run blitzes...

Jake Brendel talked during Oregon State week.

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On Oregon State's defense:

They're a very aggressive defense.  A lot of effort sacks and a lot of effort pressures.  We have to withstand our blocks and give extra effort to make the play.

On similarities with Utah's defense:

Yeah, that style of defense is very predominant and comes out through film.  There is a lot of physical and aggressive traits in both defenses.

On Colorado:

It was one little thing here, one little thing there. There weren't huge problems.  We just have to correct the problems.

On Josh Rosen handling pressure:

Since the first game, he's done a great job of sensing where it was coming from and knowing where the safeties are and the defense is and where the pressure comes from.  Knowing where the guys he's blocking are.  

On Josh Rosen's ceiling back in August:

He really doesn't have a ceiling to be honest. He's an amazing person, an amazing athlete and an amazing quarterback.  The sky is the limit for him.

On if Colorado used a different scheme:

They kind of played a very balanced front, a very balanced defense. They brough a couple stunts we'd seen before.  Seeing those stunts before that game helped us picking them up.

On the lack of sacks this year:

Really, it's just the cohesion of the group.  The offense and the offensive line have really come together and built a bond and trust each other.  Being able to plug and play people, guys that can see the field, having that cohesion and that trust really helps.  Its not always the position you play at, its the friendship and the bond you have between each player and I feel like that has developed and is peaking right now and will grow throughout the rest of the year.

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