No. 2 DT In North Carolina eyeing UCLA, Miami, Pitt & Maryland

Nov. 3 -- Christian Colon decommitted from Penn State is looking at UCLA, Miami, Pitt and Maryland. Check out why those schools are so interested in this amazing Scout Spotlight video...

Remember Gilbert Brown, the defensive tackle who spear-headed the defensive line during the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl run under Brett Favre?

That is the early comparison to Charlotte (N.C.) Independence defensive tackle Christian Colon, the one-time Penn State commit now considering UCLA, Maryland, Pittsburgh and Miami.

Colon is a huge presence inside, and he takes on double teams nearly every play and still finds a way to get up the field and influence the play. Even when he is not directly involved in the tackle, he is impacting it because of the number of offensive linemen paying close attention to him.

Colon is powerful at the snap of the ball, and his upper body strength is a plus as he often benches the opposing player off of him. He plays low and continually battles to get up the field, and he keeps his feet moving while doing so.

A big area of concentration in improvement for Colon after his junior season was his hand usage, and it is improving. He is doing a better job of disengaging from the blocker more quickly, but he still needs to work on getting faster with his hands so the blocker does not get an advantage with the initial punch. Colon also is working in a few moves, and now uses a swim to split the double teams.

Strength is not a big area of concern. Colon plays balances and is quick in the span of two to three steps, and adding a little more flexibility will allow to move laterally with more ease.

I look at Colon as a run-stopper who could help turn a team one dimensional. He can handle the inside between the guards, and make it a field day for a strong-tackling linebacker.

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