VIDEO: Tom Bradley on Building Depth

Nov. 4 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about building depth through the injuries over the last few weeks...

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On what Oregon State does offensively:

They do a lot, multiple formations, when you watch them on film, you have to be ready for everything they come up with.  They have a quarterback who can run, you dont know what they'll major on in practice.  A lot of times that slows us down in practice, because you're guessing what they might do instead of repping what they will do. So we're working hard in meetings, trying to figure everything out.

On breaking down Colorado film:

It took a long time to break that film down.  Twenty snaps, don't think I've been through that. I was encouraged, though, we have a great staff. Guys were tired, hanging in there.  One of our guys was so exhausted, he was throwing up.  They hung tough when we needed it.  The way the tempo of the game went, people were saying that the offense was getting us on the field too quick.  Well thats great, because I'm a fan of scoring points.  Its an opportunity for us to show what we can do.  It was a strange game with the ebb and flow. But they came out and worked hard. 

On Cameron Judge:

He was playing both linebackers. You have to give him credit, he does a nice job, makes a lot of plays.  We have the young guy we were trying to redshirt and he pulls his hamstring. Then give Jayon creditg, he has 20 tackles, he plays special teams and he never played Mike before.

On how much it takes them out of their defensive concepts:

You have to realize, the only thing that matters is whats on the left side of the column.  Everyone has opinions.  We want to keep the ball in front of us. That's fine, win the game. People may say its winning ugly, I don't care. They all count. There are no style points for wins. We have a lot of guys who've played a lot of plays and we didn't anticipate them.  When we left San Bernardino, I never anticipated some of these guys playing.

On Oregon State's quarterback rotation:

We're well aware of their quarterback system. They do a lot of different things. We've thrown a lot of plays at them.  Mitchell runs a lot better than people give him credit for. One of the excellent things about him is he's a great ball-faker.

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