VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on Oregon State

Nov. 6 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about preparing for the Oregon State game...

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On what Oregon State's challenges to them will be:

A lot of movement.  Its about us executing and taking care of ourselves. Their defensive coordinator comes from Utah and has always given us fits.  The kids play hard on the road. It might be raining.  It would be good for us.  

On if rain changes anything:

No, we don't worry about the stuff we don't control. I'm not concerned with that, just making sure guys are ready. They had a good day of practice, better than yesterday. Young guys are getting reps in practice now instead of in games. Lasley, Austin, Fred, it will be good going up there.

On if the offensive line will be set:

Yep, same guys.

On Kalani Sitake:

He does a great job, I have a lot of respect for him and the job he did at Utah.  What he does is he gives you a lot of look. His front seven does a really good job of making our line make decisions.  Its not like they're sitting, he shows them a lot.

On exploiting Oregon State's cornerbacks:

It doesn't matter who's at corner, I would like Josh to exploit them.  To me, he's had a lot of experiences this year that will do nothing but make him a better quarterback. He's had to make plays for us and he's made plays for us. Its another opportunity to go on the road and play a real good defense.

On if they discuss depth issues to their quarterbacks:

I think every offense does that, they ask, 'who do we want to attack'.  Its better to see 8-9 games of a guy rather than a guy you've not seen.

On if he anticipated Rosen being a Davey O'Brien semifinalist:

I never thought about it. Davey who?  So he is one of the semifinalists?  So he's one of 17? A lot of that will be determined by how your team finishes.  I know he's our best quarterback.  

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