VIDEO: Kenny Clark on Playing 100 Plays

Nov. 6 -- Kenny Clark talks about playing 100 plays against Colorado and what he's seen out of Oregon State...

Kenneth Clark talked during Oregon State week.

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On how many snaps he played against Colorado:

100.  BYU was a lot too, I don't remember. It felt like it was the most, though. That was definitely my most fatigued game. When we caught the pick, we were happy, I was just happy it was going to be over.

On Oregon State's quarterback rotation:

I wouldn't put it past Mitchell, he's a mobile quarterback and they use him a lot in the run with zone reads. He can run if he wants to and he shows good speed. I consider them both runners.  

On linebacker injuries making teams defend him differently:

I haven't noticed it.  Coach does a great job of putting us in position to fight those blocks every day. 

On how many plays he was doubled:

I'm not sure, it was a lot though. The O-Line did a good job of coming off the ball.  They bring a lot of power to the game.

On Oregon State's offensive line:

They're a physical offensive line. They're big. Their interior is the meat of their O-Line and they come out and hunt a little bit. They're pretty good.

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