Jumbo Athlete Nahje Flowers Reacts to UCLA Offer

Nov. 4 -- Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey jumbo athlete Nahje Flowers talked about his offer from UCLA and what positions the Bruin coaches like him for...

Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey jumbo athlete Nahje Flowers (6-3, 240), got his first Pac-12 offer over the weekend.

"UCLA offered and it felt really good," said Flowers. "I was honored.  I mean, it was UCLA."

Flowers said that his family and friends were thrilled and so were some he hadn't spoken to in some time.

"My family is happy of course," said Flowers.  "The fact that it's close makes my mom happy. My parents are really happy.  I've been getting praise from people too I haven't talked to in months, in years, just telling me congratulations."

Flowers said the offer came as an athlete, an interesting offer considering he's rated as an offensive lineman.

"It was interesting because multiple coaches offered me at multiple positions at UCLA, so I would just say they offered me as an athlete," said Flowers.  "Coach Yarbs (Eric Yarber), was the first one to say it, that I had an offer.  Then Coach (Angus) McClure said that I had the offer from them and he likes me as a defensive lineman.  Then Coach (Adrian) Klemm said liked me and said I'd have an offer as an offensive lineman.  And their running backs coach, Coach (Kennedy) Polamalu, said he was offering me as a fullback or tight end.  So I would just say as an athlete."

Flowers said if had to pick a position, though, defensive line would be where he'd want to play and its the most likely destination for him should he choose the Bruins.

"I can play defensive end or outside linebacker, but I think defensive line is it," said Flowers.

The Bruin offer joined offers from Fresno State, Nevada, New Mexico and San Diego State.

And while he was excited about the offer, he's not in a rush to make a decision.

"I want to be able to take my official visits before I decide," said Flowers.  "I have a visit set up for Nevada on November 14th.  After I take my visits, I'll decided, probably in late December or January."

First, though, is plans to visit UCLA in the next few weeks to check it out more.

"The football aspect of UCLA, I love it, it's awesome, but I want to look closer at the school and academics.  I've taken a couple tours, nothing real detailed, but I want to look at the school a little more," said Flowers.

Flowers said that Oregon, Oregon State and Washington State have all picked up their interest in him and an offer could come.

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