VIDEO: Jim Mora After Oregon State

Nov. 8 -- Jim Mora talks about the 41-0 win over Oregon State on Saturday and what was going on with the false starts...

Video courtesy of Jeff Siegel. If the video won't play, try the version below.

Opening statement:

It was a good win on the road in conference. A lot of young men contributed to it. So we'll take it and move on from here.

On Josh Rosen:

It doesn't surprise me because of the way he works and his maturity and poise. He's unique. Things don't bother him. People were concerned how Josh would react to a wet football. Josh doesn't worry about things like that.  Outside influences don't matter to him. Its fun to watch him grow up.  We have to get a lot more out of him.

On his expectations for Rosen:

I didn't really put expectations on him other than he;'d improve every week and I've seen him improve every week so that's the positive. I don't want to set a bar because ultimately it's too high or too low. I just want him to be the best he can be.

On the energy changing after the takeaways:

I thought we came with good energy from the start. We capitalized on the turnovers, which you have to do on the road when yuo get turnovers so it might have appeared their energy changed.  I thought we came out with energy, so it might have been more momentum.

On the shutout:

I thought that we got off the field on third down, we did a decent job against the run, we kept the quarterback in the pocket. Our offense helped us controlling the clock. I thought Matt Mengel helped our defense and changing field position. When your offense and defense and special teams are doing a nice job and you tackle well, you have a chance to play good defense.

On the false starts:

I think there were seven. There was something going on up front. I'm not going to talk about it because it doesn't matter what I say. We'll leave it at that. I'll tell you this, it wasn't on UCLA.

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