VIDEO: Josh Rosen on Beating OSU

Nov. 8 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen talks about beating Oregon State 41-0 on Saturday...

Josh Rosen talked on Saturday. Video courtesy of Jeff Siegel.

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On the false starts:

It was BS what they were doing on the defensive line. They were calling cadences, saying 'set, hut', all these false starts, it wasn't on them. I actually messed them up, it was a silent count and I said a cadence. Just wanted to throw that out there first, they're working their butts off and its a shame its overshadowed by penalties.

On if he made the refs aware:

They said they were grunting as they shifted.  They grunted or something. It was ridiculous.

On how they adjusted to that:

Just try to anchor down. It happened all the way to the fourth quarter. Sometimes you're anxious to go and you hear a count and you go for it.

On if he'd faced anything like that:

Yeah, BYU stemmed at the line of scrimmage. A lot of teams do stuff like that. Certain blocking responsibilities are determined. Its a common technique and they do it every play. It should be illegal.  I didn't mind it as much but some of our offensive lineman were getting called for false starts and it's not their fault.

On throwing in the rain:

Our equipment staff did a good job of keeping the ball dry.  

On the second scoring drive:

You have to do what you have to do.  We got backed up a little bit, then hit Nate.  We had four verticals and you overlap four verts with three guys, I was able to find Kenny, I was able to sit back there for an hour and a half and found Kenny.  We kept rolling from there and I think that's where the tides changed.

On his learning experience this game:

I don't know, same goal every game. We just go out and do what we do.

On if he tells the Mazzone's what's working:

I don't have handcuffs, I'm not on a leash.  

On if he's reached his own expectations:

I want to win every game. My expectation is a national championship.

On if this gives them confidence before Washington State:

Not any more confidence than ordinary. I want to win every game. I'm not going to change my approach.  I'll go out on the field and execute the game plan.

On his approach being the same:

No because if there was, I'd have to change it.  Everyone is listening to rap music, and I'm in the corner chilling out. I play well calm and collected. If you ever see me with a straight face on the sidelines, I may not be on top of my game. I'm good at playing loose and having fun. That's when I play my best football.

On if his composure is improving:

I think so, but a couple times I got out prematurely.  There was the play to Bolu, a play action, I got out of there a little jittery.  Then a fake screen to TD on the sideline, I got it out too early. I want to make it easy on the offensive line as possible. Try not to scramble and hit everything from the pocket.

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