VIDEO: Ka'imi Fairbairn After OSU

Nov. 9 -- Ka'imi Fairbairn talks about the big shutout win over Oregon State and being close to the all-time scoring record...

Ka'imi Fairbairn talked on Saturday. Video courtesy of Jeff Siegel.

If the video does not play for you, please try the version below.

On closing in on all-time scoring lead:

To think about it, it just doesn't even come in to your mind until this part of the season. A record like this may say my name on it, but there isn't something that more team effort than anything else. I'd rather it be about the offense, how they score points, PAT's, even the defense, how they score points. Jerry Neuheisel and Christopher Longo, I owe them a lot, they take their job very seriously and it's a benefit to the team.

On what he attributes his season to:

I attribute it to them. We know what we had to do. Josh has looked more mature in his years and we took it upon ourselves to come out strong and we have.

On kicking in the rain:

It wasn't that bad. We did a good job of keeping the ball dry, and had a couple of chip shots.

On coming a long way since his first game against Rice with the missed PATs:

It was three. I still remember that like yesterday.  Its how it goes sometimes.  

On his season being better than ever:

I think its mental, not being phased by anything on the field, not looking at the yard line, but going out and doing it like we do it in practice.

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