VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on Scoring 41

Nov. 8 -- Noel Mazzone talks about scoring 41 points against Oregon State on Saturday...

Video courtesy of Jeff Siegel.

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On what surprises him about Josh Rosen:

Nothing.  I think the thing that surprises me is when he comes off is the information he has and is gathering and the things he sees which is unusual for a guy young like him. Doesn't mean he's doing it exactly right each time, but he has the answers to the questions.

On his trust with Rosen:

He's getting closer.  He's a helluva lot smarter than me so I'm trying to catch up.  He's doing a lot and a really good job coming off and communicating what he's seeing.  "Why is he doing that? Oh, great check!" He really made some nice decisions out there.

On the takeaways giving momentum:

It always does.  That's college football, turnovers and momentum. I thought our kids did a nice job getting turnovers.  First time they had a shutout since 1987 on the road. We came out the first drive and didn't do well, then had some penalties. When we stay on schedule, we're a pretty good offense.

On the false starts:

Yeah.  No big deal. We're such a tempo team that when defenses are standing in their front, it attracts our guys attention.

On Rosen's play where he dumps off to Iese:

A lot of times, early, he's still in his first year, early, he would have been conservative with it to protect him, but I don't feel that way anymore. I think he can run the offense and the things we want to do down there. I thought the O-Line did a really nice job.  There is so much movement.  As a game went on, he had better movement.

On the weather:

Taylor came in because I was inside, I only went on at kickoff, but Taylor went on and said it didn't seem like an issue at all. So I didn't think twice about it.

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