VIDEO: Tom Bradley on Shutting Out OSU

Nov. 8 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talked about shutting out Oregon State on Saturday...

Video courtesy of Jeff Siegel.

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On the defense:

The players were right on target with everything they were doing.  They had a good feel, got some turnover, fed off the turnovers, didn't do any fancy things, a couple new wrinkles.  They understood what they were trying to do and did a good job of picking up the keys.

On Kenny Young:

I thought he did well.  His angles will get better, we'll look at the film and get an evaluation. What happened was how we prepared.  The sense of urgency. Even on the bus today, we felt that urgency.

On Johnny Johnson:

I keep telling you, he sits by me in meetings, I torture Johnny, every day I get on him about something.  When he's not paying attention, I give him a whack.  He's gotten through injuries and comes through every play.

On if it took him time to get comfortable:

Johnny is a guy who knows he has to focus and he takes that challenge.

On getting a shutout:

I'm not a stat guy, I like what's in the lefthand column.  I guess the first shutout away since 1987.  You know how I feel, I'm happy for the players. We can build on it.  I'm sure they're happy they won the game. Stats are for losers. Just get the win, that's all that matters. They want to see what's in the left hand column.

On controlling their own destiny:

Jim told them, he's emphasized the fact, right now, we have a 3-game playoff.  It started at five and now it's three games.  A five-game championship run with Washington State now coming to town. As hard as the players work all year, you watch what they do, then it amounts to just three games.

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