Jim Mora's Sunday Teleconference

Nov. 8 -- Jim Mora talked on Sunday about the defense generating more sacks and what he's seen from Washington State so far...

In the last three games, you guys have nine sacks after nine in the first five, is there any sort of shift you guys have made, or are you just getting better at what you were doing?

I think we're just getting better at what we've been doing. Just becoming more efficient and more consistent.

Are guys kind of growing into roles? Is that helping? You've talked about fitting puzzle pieces together.

We've had pretty good consistency up front. We lost Eddie Vanderdoes early and guys have kind of filled their roles and come to understand exactly what their role is. In the secondary, overcoming Fabian and getting guys familiar with their roles up front and more consistent up front, and then in the back end, it has helped us. A lot of movement at linebacker, but a little more consistency of late up front and in the back end, and I think that's helped us.

Luke Falk seems like a guy you can't just let sit in the pocket and deal.

Well, you don't want him to, but no one has really stopped him on a consistent basis. He leads the Pac-12 in passing, he leads the Pac-12 in touchdown passes, he leads the Pac-12 in total offense. They've got three of the top six receivers in the Pac-12 in terms of catches and yards, so just like every quarterback, you do your best to put pressure on him and make him feel uncomfortable.

What are the keys to finishing sacks as opposed to just kind of the general pressure you were able to generate earlier in the year?

There's a million variables really. It's tight coverage that makes him hold it longer, even pressure that doesn't allow a quarterback to step up or escape. The longer you make him hold it and the more confined his area to escape from, the better chance you have of getting him down. Our pressure has been good for the last few weeks, as you guys have said, our sack numbers have come up, but good pressure is what you're looking for. If you can get the sacks, that's big time too, but you just really are trying to put consistent pressure on the quarterback so he doesn't feel comfortable back there.

Cal was a team that liked to throw it around a bit too, but what's different about what Washington State does?

They go fast. They're like Cal, they're like Arizona, they're like us. They go fast. They make you defend a whole lot of field. They get it out of the quarterback's hand quickly. They've got tremendous players, good athletes. They believe in what they're doing. And they've got a lot of confidence now with the way they've played.

You haven't played Washington State since 2012, do they look similar at all to the team you saw then, or have they changed much?

No, schematically, it's Mike Leach's scheme. They're like every team, they're going to change things up on occasion. But Mike Leach has been very successful playing very productive offense for a long time. Just like every coach, he's going to mix it up, he's going to change things up, he's going to show you some new looks, but essentially it's just doing the same things over and over again. It's that repetition and that consistency you build through doing it especially when you've got good concepts and efficient concepts and that's what they do.

Does Luke Falk strike you as a potential NFL player?

I haven't watched him enough really to tell you. I've watched a little. The first part of Sunday is typically when you clean up your last game, grade the film, evaluate it, see what you did well, and what you need to improve on, and how you're going to move forward in terms of personnel and things like that. And then later in the afternoon you really start to dig in to your next opponent. But I've watched enough to know that he's a really good player. He's only a sophomore, and I don't know if you can start talking about NFL at that point in time. I just know he's leading the Pac-12 in passing, leading Pac-12 in touchdown passes, leading the Pac-12 in total offense, leading the Pac-12 in passing efficiency. He's a heck of a player.

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