VIDEO: Jake Brendel on False Starts

Nov. 9 -- Jake Brendel talks about OSU calling out the cadence, what can be done to combat it, and more...

Jake Brendel talked during WSU week.

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On the Oregon State defensive line:

To be honest, Josh Rosen kind of hit it on the head there. They were doing things that weren't to the book, but at the same time, they were a pretty good front. They gave us their very best and I think we looked pretty good in the pass pro and against their run defense.  Up front, I felt we were pretty successful minus all the penalties.

On if defensive lines do that often:

We go on many different snap counts, the rule in the book, if you simulate the snap count at all, it's supposed to be a penalty. It's something we've seen before. Our defense does it too, it throws off a scheme. We've seen it. It's something we do.

On why it was effective:

This time there was the use of words with the shift.  If you simulate the snap count and say what the quarterbacks say, its against the rules. If you're saying what the quarterback says, its not good.

On if they used a silent count to combat it:

That's what we did in the second and third quarter. Just in the first half, it got loud there.  We're pretty confident in our silent count and decided to go with that.

On how moving Caleb Benenoch to guard helped:

It really hasn't changed much. Kolton is getting valuable reps right now. We were hoping he could play next season, but at the same time, he's doing a great job right now. And Caleb is Caleb, dependable. Him being at guard is the same as him being at tackle, you know he's going to do his job.

On Kolton Miller's development:

We already knew he had crazy measurables.  He's a freak athlete, a freak in the meeting rooms, how dedicated he is to learn his craft and study the film. He has the right mindset and right skill set to be very succesful.

On Benenoch moving:

It's a lot easier to go from tackle to guard than guard to tackle so we feel like he went the right way. He's a very good tackle. It might take a few snaps to get back in the swing of things and playing on the edge. There is a different angle you have to take in pass pro. Offensive line is offensive line. Center is more mentally challenging, but you're surrounded by two guys and not on an island like tackles are.

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