VIDEO: Kenny Young on Improvement

Nov. 9 -- Kenny Young talks about where he thinks he needs to improve the most...

Kenny Young talked during WSU week.

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On Washington State:

I'll look at the film when we prep for it. We're finishing getting off Saturday.

On getting back against Oregon State:

It felt good. It was a lot of hard work getting back from being injured.

On adjusting to his new role at linebacker:

A lot of hard work, a lot of changes that you don't see coming but happens.  You take it a day at a time and stay hungry and be a student of the game.  Do everything right.  

On how he's improved:

I like to look at the big picture.  I always can get bigger, run to the ball faster. There are always mistakes in the game, so there is always something I can work on. You can look at it from the mental approach or the physical approach.  When you slack off, you don't become the player you're trying to be.

On playing linebacker against WSU's passing game:

You embrace it in practice.  Practicing hard and knowing what you're going to get. Understanding your coverage and your technique.  If everyone is doing it collectively, you can do it.  Understanding where your help is, where you're supposed to fit.  You work on that in practice. The coaches give us things to practice.  We have to execute them. Everyone has to work together.

On what they miss with Isaako Savaaianaea out:

If anything, Isaako is a great guy so having that extra guy on the field. We have depth, that's great, but right now, Isaako is working to get back.

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