VIDEO: Jordan Payton Before Wazzu

Nov. 10 -- Jordan Payton talked during Washington State week about the way the offense is developing...

Jordan Payton talked during Washington State week.

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On what he’s seen from Washington State:

I’ve seen a couple games this year. They’re a phenomenal team. They can really sling it. It’s going to be exciting, a high-flying, Air Raid. The night show. It’s going to be fun.

On Gabe Marks:

Gabe’s from Venice, I’m from Santa Monica.  We played a lot against each other.  He’s a phenomenal receiver, someone I watch and specifically watch film. It’s going to be a great game.

On Washington State’s offense changing their offense:

Control wise, you want to be able to control the ball, but not really. The concept is scoring points too.  For us, we’re getting in the end zone and looking for the defense to get us stops.

On why he watches Marks:

When you’re a competitor, you want to see how the other guys are doing and take little things from their game. Gabe is an extremely physical player, has always been that way, and is a highly competitive player. For him, he gets the job done every game.  For him, I just take little things, whatever I see.  Its cool and nice to see someone you grew up with be successful.  We haven’t talked much, we’re in two different places, but once a friend, always a friend.

On WSU’s defense:

They’re surprisingly a lot better, they don’t get a lot of credit because of their offense, but they held Stanford to 25 points. For us, its about putting together a great game plan. We’re on a roll right now and have to keep it going.

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