VIDEO: Jayon Brown on Growing Comfort Level

Nov. 11 -- Jayon Brown talked during Washington State week about his growing comfort level in the last few weeks...

Jayon Brown talked during Washington State week.

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On not having to play 100 plays on defense:

The game went by kind of fast.

On what they took away from the Oregon State game:

We did good but we need to be better. We need to be more stingier against the run and getting back deeper in our drops.  We have some corrections to go over.

On WSU’s passing offense:

They pass the ball pretty much every play.  We just have to be tight with our coverage. Coach Bradley and Coach Mora will come up with a great game plan and we’ll execute it.  We need more urgency with our pass rush. Just tight coverage. With the few times they do run it, we have to stop it.

On his comfort level:

I’d say from when I first started to start until now, things come quicker. Every week, the Pac-12 has different offenses, so it’s just getting used to it.

On what offense is most comparable:

I’d say Cal, fast, the Air Raid.

On lessons from the Cal game:

The pass rush and getting hits on the quarterback and the pocket.

On how proud they were of the shutout:

That was huge. Since I’ve been here, that was our first shutout so that was a great feeling.

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