Mora on Tuesday of WSU Week

Nov. 10 -- Coach Jim Mora talks about matching up defensively with Washington State's defense, and how he doesn't hate the Los Angeles Times' Chris Foster...

In case you can't view the video above, here's another version:

Opening statement:

A good start.  It will be a real challenging week for us with Washington State coming in.  A very good football team. Falk leads the conference in passing, total offense, touchdown passes, three receivers in the top six in our conference, a really good team and I think they're playing good defense.  Active, big and physical.  We had a good practice this morning and we're on our way.

On Caleb Benenoch at guard:

We're just always trying to get the best five out there. Right now, Kolton is playing at a high level. When he's gotten those opportunities to go in, he's played very well. I know we're always trying to find the best matchup for us. Caleb has that versatility where he can play outside and inside.  He's staying on the right side. He's done it, he's played guard and tackle. Regardless of who's in there, I feel like we have 6-7, Fred Ulu-Perry can go in and start, we have seven guys comfortable playing.

On Kolton Miller:

He's tall but he can really bend. He's got tremendous ankle flexibility, he can bend his knees and get low and has tremendous lateral movement.  He has good study habits and work habits.  You see it when he works out here. You see it reflected in the way he's playing.

On finding offensive tackles:

Its hard if you're trying to find the right type of tackles.  I relate them to cornerbacks, they have to have a certain bit of athletic arrogance, typically in one-on-one situations and protecting your most valuable asset.  You think about the position, every play you're going backwards, like at corner.  You're protecting the end zone at corner or the quarterback.  You have to have a certain mindset.

On Cal preparing them for WSU:

They're different but similar in that they go down field.  The route concepts are different. There are always similarities.  It helps having recently gone against a team like that.  We'll see. Every game is a different challenge.  Mike Leach, I've been able to spend a lot of time with him. He's incredibly bright and has a great feel for what he wants to do on offense.  It's kind of working for him now that he has pieces in place and they've been doing the same thing over and over. Its a big copycat world in coaching. I was in San Francisco with Bill Walsh, a lot of people credit with the West Coast offense.  One guy from the origins of the San Francisco 49ers, it had plays in it.  There were probably 15-16 pass plays in there that were West Coast offense plays.  Maybe he created the West Coast offense. There are only so many things you can do on the football field. 

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