Deon Hollins on Defending WSU

Nov. 13 -- Defensive End/Linebacker Deon Hollins talks about his physical status, and how to defend against Washington State's offense...

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On WSU’s offense:

They like to throw the ball. They like to spread the ball around the field and get the ball to their playmakers.  Their tempo, they’ll challenge you. 

On if playing a team that throws is a good opportunity for him:

Absolutely.  A lot of times, the game plans are different.  We feel like our DBs match up with their receivers. The game plan is to open it up a little more.

On WSU’s offensive line:

They do a good job.  They average throwing 56 times and only have given up 26 sacks.

On 100+ plays:

That would be tough, but we have some guys who can make plays.

On how he feels:

I’m feeling pretty good.  When you bang every single day, you can wear down, but I think we can preserve it.

On Takk McKinley helping him:

Hopefully I don’t see as many slides or tight ends.  Takk has always had the ability, just putting it together in our scheme.  As the weeks go on, we take baby steps.

On takeaways against OSU:

Coach Mora tells us all the time, they come in bunches. The big thing is for those turnovers to come in the scheme. We’re starting to settle down.  We had a lot of good pickups so certain tendencies we saw. We were playing fast.

On game prep for WSU:

Its more complicated in the terms we have to be that much more precise. A lot of their route combinations are similar to our offense and look to the middle of the field.  We practice against it every day.

On the linebackers gelling:

We have Isaako coming back, Kenny Young had a great game last week, same with Jayon.  We’re starting to gel.

On what Isaako Savaainaea brings:

How he hits the hole. He’s a smart linebacker. He attacks and is a bigger body.

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