Jaleel Wadood Studying Up on WSU

Nov. 12 -- UCLA safety Jaleel Wadood talks about matching up with Washington State's passing offense tactically, and more...

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On defensive adjustments against Oregon State:

Its real interesting.  At the same time, no one is going to expect me at my size to be down there with the big people so I use it to my advantage. I hit gaps where people can’t see me, lower my pad level.  It’s pretty fun.

On being a different game in the box:

Definitely, I put on my big boy pants.  I kind of do it every game.  When the defense is called, I go out and do my job and I think I do a good job at that.  

On Luke Falk:

Their offense, they’re a real good team. I feel like we’ll get a good test with the ball in the air.  We’ll get a good feel and see his guys.

On translating this game from Cal:

They’re two different teams, with different pass concepts, so not necessarily the same scheme.  It will help everyone doing their assignments and getting to the ball.

On what they do differently:

I can’t really say all that.  Waiting to see them on Saturday.

On Johnny Johnson and Nate Meadors:

They’re doing a helluva job. Johnny being a young guy and then Nate Meadors being a true freshman. For being young, they’re doing an exceptional job.  Adarius, I practice with all those guys every day. Its not a falloff when one has to step up. Everyone does their job.

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