Paul Perkins on UCLA's Balanced Offense

Nov. 13 -- UCLA's star running back Paul Perkins talks about how UCLA has developed a balance offense...

If you can't view the video above, here's another version:

On how he feels:

Good, great.  100%.  You couldn’t ask for anything else. It’s November. The best players and veteran players have to step up to help the team.

On WSU’s defense:

They have a great defensive front and those guys know how to get into the lineman and do stunts and twists.  They’ll go at the offensive line which is the strength of our team.

On the passing game opening up the running game:

The past couple weeks we’ve been able to be a balance offense. We’ve incorporated a lot of runs and passes.

On seeing the field better:

It comes with playing time and watching film. You see it with Soso and Bolu.

On the importance of the game:

We have three games left, regardless of if you’re a senior or freshman, these are three guaranteed games.

On if they'll overlook WSU:

We can’t overlook anybody.  This is a good WazZu team, they played Stanford tough, they beat Oregon and Arizona State. Their defense looks very stout.

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