VIDEO: Tom Bradley on Defending WSU

Nov. 11 -- Tom Bradley talks about how they'll go about defending Washington State's air raid attack...

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On how WSU compares to Cal:

They're similar, they have great skill players, they can move the ball. They're averaging over 400 yards a game passing. High tempo.  High powered offense. We have to be ready to defend against all different teams.

On facing Air Raid offenses:

Yeah, we've seen some like that.  The weather out here is nice, so its not windy or rainy, and it will be a nice night for football.

On Luke Falk:

He makes great decision, gets rid of the ball fast and sees things. He doesn't leave his receivers out to dry. He's a very accurate passer.

On challenges on stopping the pass:

Its always the pass rush. You can't be crazy with your pass rush. He's not a scrambler but has great positioning.  He's not afraid to put it away. You have to be able to control him.

On if blitzing is dangerous:

You get nervous because if you miss a tackle, they're off to the races, so you factor that in.

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