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Week Eleven College Football Viewing Guide

Nov. 13 -- We provide picks and analysis for all the interesting games for UCLA fans this weekend...


USC at Colorado
6:00 P.M., ESPN2
USC -16.5

Juju Smith-Schuster was able to play last weekend against Arizona even though he broke his hand, which is impressive and everything, but we have to figure that it probably helped that each of the balls he caught was gently placed on his finger tips by Cody Kessler’s soft-tossing noodle arm. Colorado lost badly to Stanford last week after looking frisky against UCLA two weeks ago, and this is a bad matchup for the Buffs. The Trojans should be able to lay a beating on Colorado tonight, setting up an all-disappointing bowl between USC and Oregon next week.

USC 42, Colorado 21


Georgia at Auburn
9:00 A.M., CBS
Auburn -1.5

Turning on your TV to this game Saturday morning is going to be like walking into a tiny apartment where the trash hasn’t been taken out in a week. If Auburn wins, both teams -- who were both TOP TEN at some point this season -- will have four losses, so I guess root for the Tigers.

Auburn 31, Georgia 28

No. 11 Florida at South Carolina
9:00 A.M., ESPN
Florida -7.5

Alright, here’s where the real stuff starts. Now, we don’t think UCLA has a real shot at the playoff. Even if the Bruins win out, so many things have to break right. But, if you want to have some hope, it’s time to start rooting for chaos above UCLA. Nothing would be more chaotic than a putrid South Carolina team somehow pulling off the upset over the SEC East champion Florida Gators. If that somehow happened, there’s a real chance that the Gators could win the SEC East with three losses -- two in conference, and one in the final against Florida State. If that Florida team then won the SEC, the SEC could get shut out of the playoff. Keep the SEC Nuclear Scenario alive in your hearts, for at least another day.

Florida 27, South Carolina 24

Washington at Arizona State
12:00 P.M., Pac-12 Network
ASU -2.5

Arizona State had its best loss ever last week, losing in amazing fashion to Washington State, which had the best come from behind win in history to beat Todd Graham’s best ever 4-5 team by two touchdowns. It might have been the best two-touchdown loss in the last ten years of college football, and we were all just glad to be able to watch it.

This game is basically going to decide which of these teams ends up in the Cactus Bowl this year, and which team stays home to watch..

Arizona State 27, Washington 21

Miami at No. 23 North Carolina
12:30 P.M., ESPNU
UNC -13

So, in theory, you might want UNC to win out and beat Clemson, but we’re a little concerned what this new East- and South-centric CFP Ranking Committee would do with a one-loss ACC champion North Carolina. So, what we really want is UNC to drop another game, preferably this week against kind of terrible Miami. A two-loss UNC with a really bad loss to South Carolina wouldn’t get into the playoff ahead of UCLA, and if UNC somehow beat Clemson in the ACC Championship game, that could help to keep the ACC out of the playoff.

UNC 45, Miami 24

No. 2 Alabama at No. 17 Mississippi State
12:30 P.M., CBS
Alabama -8

The echo chamber of the SEC is in full effect! No. 2 (!) Alabama has a loss to an unranked Ole Miss team, but it’s like we’ve all decided that was a crazy dream with flying witches and scarecrows. No. 17 Mississippi State’s best result this year was a close loss to LSU, so the Bulldogs might very well be poo-poo as well. If Alabama loses this one, expect Mississippi State to vault into the top ten. SEC! SEC! SEC!

Mississippi State 24, Alabama 21

No. 8 Oklahoma State at Iowa State
12:30 P.M., ESPN
Oklahoma State -14

Hey, there’s Iowa State, that team you always forget is an actual college football team that plays in a real conference. In theory, Oklahoma State should dance all over the Cyclones, given that the Cowboys just brought a few biblical plagues down upon previously unbeaten TCU, but this could be a weird look-ahead game for Oklahoma State. Iowa State probably won’t win, because it’s Iowa State, but this could be closer than you’d think.

Oklahoma State 34, Iowa State 27

No. 21 Memphis at No. 24 Houston
4:00 P.M., ESPN2
Houston -7

USC fans are going to be watching this game so closely, just thinking USC is going to just end up hiring the winner, which is going to make it even more hilarious when Pat Haden brings back a “changed, more mature, less likely to get punched in his punchable face” Lane Kiffin next season.

Houston 38, Memphis 35

Arkansas at No. 9 LSU
4:15 P.M., ESPN
LSU -7.5

Arkansas is the buzzsaw, and the rest of the SEC West is a pile of overrated wood. The Razorbacks, like last year, are in position to just absolutely ruin everyone’s hopes for the SEC, and they are a bad matchup for the Tigers. LSU could be reeling after dealing with No. 2 (!) Alabama (which, again, lose to unranked Ole Miss), so we wouldn’t be shocked to see the upset here.

Arkansas 24, LSU 21

Oregon at No. 7 Stanford
4:30 P.M., FOX
Stanford -10

Stanford really, really wishes this game had taken place some time in October, back when Oregon was looking like the 2015-16 Cactus Bowl champions. Oregon is suddenly looking like a good-ish team again, even if the Ducks linebackers and secondary often look like they’re playing drunk. Stanford is still rolling, as it has been since the second week of the season, but this could be a really close, really fun game.

Stanford 41, Oregon 38

No. 12 Oklahoma at No. 6 Baylor
5:00 P.M., ABC
Baylor -2.5

Ideally, we want to find two losses for every current undefeated or one-loss Big 12 team. If you do the math, it’s a lot harder than you think. Probably root for Oklahoma here, but try to find another loss for the Sooners while you’re at it. Oklahoma actually plays defense most of the time, while Baylor’s defense can sometimes resemble a group of four-year olds playing soccer for the first time, so we’ll go with the Sooners here.

Oklahoma 34, Baylor 24

No. 10 Utah at Arizona
7:00 P.M., Fox Sports 1
Utah -6

Las Vegas hates Utah so much. Arizona, last we checked, is still a tire fire two weeks removed from losing by 46 points to a team that doesn’t have an offense.

Utah 34, Arizona 21

Oregon State at California
7:30 P.M., Pac-12 Network
Cal -21.5

Nothing cures a four-game losing streak like the worst team in the Pac-12 that is playing its worst football of the season right now.

California 45, Oregon State 14

Washington State at No. 19 UCLA
7:45 P.M., ESPN
UCLA -10.5

If Washington State runs the ball 35+ times in this one, the Cougars could win.

UCLA 34, Washington State 28

Last week ATS: 4-10. Season to Date: 61-62-1. UCLA ATS: 7-2

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