Mora After Loss to Washington State

Nov. 14 -- Jim Mora talked from the Rose Bowl Saturday night after the dramatic loss to Washington State...

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Opening statement:

Obviously, a very disappointing loss for us. We struggled on offense to finish, and we finally had a good drive and a great play by Josh [Rosen], and then we came up short at the end. It’s a very disappointed locker room. That is something that we have got to get over quickly. As crazy as it is, completive athletics are crazy, and we are right in the hunt for what our goal was all along. We have to learn from this and get better and move onto the next one with great energy, great focus and great enthusiasm. I believe our guys will do that. It was disappointing the way it ended. That’s a very good offensive team over there. That quarterback [Luke Falk] came back from what looked like a serious injury and had a good second half. We will look at the film, we will regroup, and we’ll go play a good Utah team on Saturday in Salt Lake City.

On Washington State's final drive:

They made plays. We were playing man. We were trying to take care of corners and double up some things. They ran a little choice and go, and they shook free and they had a nice throw and catch.

On penalties:

Early in the game we had some problems and then got it squared away. The shifts got us. But, we got it fixed going down the road. It wasn’t a factor in the second half. We are still trying to find that elusive holding call on our opponents’ offense.

On red zone stalls:

Absolutely. The two drives that come to mind are when we had the ball not just in the red zone, but deep in the red zone around the two-yard line, and we couldn’t capitalize with sevens. We had to settle for threes. Everyone is going to focus on the end of the game and the last play, but there are so many things that lead up to that point. Those were certainly some of them.

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