Jim Mora's Sunday Teleconference

Nov. 15 -- Jim Mora updates on Johnny Johnson's injury and talks extensively about penalties...

What can you put your finger on with the penalties?

Well it's frustrating to everybody involved. Anything I can think of doing we're trying to do. With regards to focusing on it, concentrating on it, emphasizing it, and working on it in practice. I haven't unfortunately been able to find a rhyme or reason why at times it jumps up and plagues us. It's going to be hard to go through any game penalty-free, but we've had too many.

Noel and Jordan Payton both borough up the snap count thing, that Washington State was doing what Oregon State was doing to simulate the snap count. Have you guys devised a plan to deal with that?

Well, it got us a couple of times early, and then after the first series we adjusted so it wasn't an issue. But it needs to not be an issue coming right out of the tunnel. We have different snap counts. Sometimes we go on silent. When a team decides to do that, although it's not legal, it is effective. We don't do that defensively. And it worked a couple times last night, and I feel like we got it fixed and we settled down and did a nice job as the game went on.

Have you thought about making a comment or an inquiry to the Pac-12 about that sort of thing happening?

I've thought...I don't know that that is always as effective as you'd like it to be, turning in calls and making comments. My history tells me with regards to that, having done it for quite a while, it tends to be a greater source of frustration when you start to get some of the answers back than it is a source of some impactful discussion. I think the thing that is most concerning to me is how we can have played seven conference games and our opponents have only been called for holding twice on pass plays. We have to figure out why, are we not doing something right, are we just unlucky? We had six sacks last night, so we were rushing the passer pretty good, with zero holds. I'm not sure what it is, but we're looking at it pretty hard and turning in some calls to try to get a better understanding of what is and isn't going to be called. That's all you really can ask for.

Was that the source of your frustration immediately after the game with the refs? It seemed like you had a pretty serious discussion with one of the refs.

Not serious, I respect all those guys, they work hard. I know them all pretty well. During the course of the game, there's always a back and forth, just like any coach you're trying to alert them to things during the game. And then walking off the field after the game, Terry, who I think is a really fine official, I just saw him coming off, I just expressed my concern but not frustration and not disrespectful. He's a good guy. There was nothing that was, there was no, I mean, it was just your normal, typical, "Hey, you might have missed you a few things" and then "Hey, we did the best we could" and then "I know, thanks." Kind of the typical things. Like I said, during the game, the emotion and passion of the game, it's pretty intense down there as you guys know. After a game, you've got to try to let it go. It doesn't serve you any purpose to berate those guys after a game. I think the more important thing you do is you can have some meaningful discussions with them knowing they are trying to do their best.

How's Johnny Johnson doing?

I hope he's going to be OK. I don't know for sure yet. That young man has overcome a lot and has gotten to the point where he's playing pretty effectively the last few weeks, and then last night he got dinged up a bit again and it affected him. I appreciate the way he's tried to fight through it and all, but we'll have to see how he feels tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Hopefully he's able to go for us. It was more of a muscle spasm in his neck, than it was shoulder. It was up in that area, so it might have looked more like that's what it was, but it was more up in the neck area.

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