VIDEO: Angus McClure on UCLA D-Line

Nov. 16 -- Angus McClure talks about the defensive line's performance against Washington State and the scuffle between Matt Dickerson and Takkarist McKinley...

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Opening statement:

We had a good morning, watched the game film. Made some corrections and went through some of hte highlights and kind of resetting the next two games. We're looking at it as if we're in the quarterfinals. You win the quarterfinals to go on to the semifinals and you win the semifinals to go to the championship game. So that's the way we look at it.  I feel a good week of practice, going against a good Utah team is a good challenge for our program.  We look forward to getting back on the road in Salt Lake City.

On the tussle between Takk McKinley and Matt Dickerson:

Takk takes a lot of pride. He's our line captain, when it comes to the hard count, when we expect our opponents to draw us offside, and that's his responsibility to make sure everyone is onside. I think its a case where we were overemotional and Takk wanted to make sure it didn't happen again. We took pride that as an interior defensive line this season, we haven't jumped offsides. That's a good thing to not jump offsides.  But we ironed it out.  

On the line of scrimmage:

Its the game within the game, a lot of things going on at the line of scrimmage, whether it's quick counts, cadences.  There is a lot of trickery going on at the line of scrimmage, the game within the game.

On if they'll start call out snap counts:

No, I don't believe in that, just controlling what we can do and focusing on being the best defensive line we can be. We do some shifting and use a cadence, but I'm not trying to trick anybody.

On if they'll add that to practice for the offensive line:

It really depends on who you're playing. I analyze what offenses are doing and look at the way they snap the ball.  Certainly we would, we always try to practice any situation.  Its something since San Bernardino we work on.  The game within the game.

On Kylie Fitts:

Kylie is an excellent person, a very good football player, and I wish him the best at Utah.  I'll talk to him after the game, but going in to the game, he's our opponent.

On selling holds:

The only thing we can do is work on our fundamental techniques.  As the defensive line coach, we're going to work on fundamentals. If we can continue to help use our hands in combatting people grabbing us, that's what we'll do. The only thing we can control is our technique. We have to be better at our techniques.

On Utah's rushing attack:

It all starts with their offensive line. Booker is a tremendous running back. I watched him when he was at Grant High School and I watched him at American River.  He's a good combination of being quick, agile and being physical. He's the type of runner who can okiedoke you but also put his foot down and run right over you. You have to be a sure tackler to take him down.

On the run defense:

I think we've been slowly improving. I think Oregon State was a good example of that.  Washington State, we didn't expect much run.  As a group, the front seven is doing a better job against the run.

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