VIDEO: Caleb Benenoch on O-Line Issues

Nov. 19 -- Caleb Benenoch talks about the procedure penalties and moving to right guard...

Caleb Benenoch talked during Utah week.

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On the false start situation:

Be more disciplined. Its simple. It's on us. Handle our business.  We can't worry about what anyone else does.

On if they emphasize it in meetings:

Yes, but we're older guys so we should expect that and be ready for it. We should know better and not react to it.  

On the adjustment to guard:

Its coming along good.  When coach calls your number you have to be ready.

On the difference between guard and tackle:

At tackle you're alone most of the game and handle the guy across from you.  Guard is more working together and takes more getting used to playing in tighter spaces.

On Kolton Miller:

I think he's doing a good job.  He's a freshman playing so there will be some ups and downs in his progression. But he'll get better from it and I like his progression so far.

On getting ready for Utah:

Staying focused and going back and doing our job. That's the biggest issue.

On when they knew Utah lost:

We were aware when it happened. People talk about it and you know.  We're just pushing along and have to win the next two games. We knew after the game it happened.

On Josh Rosen's mobility:

He was always a runner.  What I think in the situation, he knew it needed to be done. Josh reminds me a lot of Andrew Luck, he doesn't run a lot but when he does, he can. He's athletic.

On Rosen making something out of nothing:

To me that is his best quality and I've said since camp, he excels at pocket presence, keeps his eyes down field. That's one of the things, he has a lot of tools.

On why they're better on the road:

I don't have answers for you. We strive to win every game we play. I think this team embraces the challenges that come from playing on the road.

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