VIDEO: Paul Perkins on Rosen, Offense

Nov. 17 -- Paul Perkins talked about Josh Rosen's improvement, the red zone offense, and more...

Paul Perkins talked during Utah week.

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On focusing on the last two games:

We're definitely trying to stay on track.  Our goal is still within our grasp. We just come out every day with a focused mentality and try to get better.

On when they realized Utah lost:

As players we wont admit it, but we're looking at scores and saw they lost.  As soon as we saw they lost, we had to win it, but we lost but we still have a chance.

On what they took away from film:

We have to stay on track, not get out of whack, not get penalties. We had costly penalties inside the red zone that cost us seven points.

On why they have so many penalties:

I wish I could tell you. We'll get it.

On why they're a better road team:

We just go out with the mentality that the whole world is against us. Its 53 against however many.  We come together and definitely gel and have a brotherhood bond.

On playing two road games to end:

That's fine, that's what we wanted.

On wanting the ball inside the red zone:

I go with what the coaches call but definitely the penalties took us out.  We have to clean up the penalties.

On Josh Rosen's growth:

He's definitely a great quarterback. He helps us out even when we miss on blocks.  Being more careful with the ball, but at the same time, being Josh. Instead of throwing to numbers, he'll scramble a little bit.  You dont have to press it, there are other D-I athletes.  

On Rosen's mobility:

I didn't realize that because I've seen him with the knee brace. But I saw him take off.  I'm surprised with how agile he is. He's eluding tacklers and stepping up in the pocket and doing a great job.

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