Eldridge Massington on Controlling Destiny

Nov. 16 -- Eldridge Massington talks about when the team knew that they still controlled their own destiny...

Eldridge Massington talked during Utah week.

If you can't view the video above, try the version below.

On being effective on the road:

We take an attitude differently.  We go on the road and click together.  

On finding out about Utah losing:

I think right after the game, Coach Mora said we still control our own destiny. I knew once they said, someone said Utah had lost, and we still controlled our own destiny.

On getting involved in the offense:

It felt pretty good. Josh told me we would connect, so run my routes and he'd get me the ball.

On Rosen's mobility in the pocket:

He's special. We were just talking about that in film, about how he stays in the pocket. He's special.

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