Hollins Gets Candid About Holding

Nov. 17 -- UCLA DE/LB Deon Hollins said a Washington State offensive lineman admitted after the game to holding him...

Deon Hollins talked candidly about officiating and holding calls Tuesday.  

If you can't view the video above, here's another version:

On what they could have done differently against WSU:

Its really tough some times, beating the refs and other teams.  It's really tough. There were so many things. I'm appalled. So appalling. We have to keep playing hard. 

On not getting holding calls:

Its crazy, the phantom offsides on me, the blatant holding calls, all night. I don't know what it is.  I think its definitely an issue.

On if they're getting the brunt of it:

You look at film, two teams we previously played, its equal amount, then they play us, and its a substantial amount.

On being held on the last play:

Next question. Absolutely, I went to the offensive lineman after the game and he said "it was a rough night for me, I couldn't help but to hold you.'  That was news to me.  Just on that last drive, I'm never one to complain about penalties, but so many times when they're not going your way, they're calling ticky tack on you, its hard to overcome.  It just enraged me.

On how you overcome them:

Send the refs a gift basket, I don't know.

On it being on the officials:

We have to dialogue with the officials "its not holding, that was a great play".  It's crazy.

On if film reinforced that feeling:

Absolutely, without a doubt.

On Utah's offense:

Booker, we had a lot of dialogue at Pac-12 Media Day.  He was excited to go against us. His biggest quality is he refuses to be tackled.  His offensive line does a good job of opening up holes. Their left guard is good and they lean on him a lot.

On getting better against the run:

The inside linebackers, how they've been playing, Jayon and Kenny Young.  Coach Bradley, we're attempting to do a lot of things on defense. You have to mind your P's and Q's.  As the year progresses, we're getting better at that. Stopping Booker is going to be our number one priority.

On playing better on the road:

We've won 13 of 14 on the road, Coach talks about how we don't get any recognition on the road, and we feed off that, the crowds energy, the underdog mentality.  We treat road games like away games.

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