Duarte on Illness, Synergy with Rosen

Nov. 18 -- UCLA receiver Thomas Duarte talked about recovering from his flu and the connection he's built with freshman quarterback Josh Rosen...

Thomas Duarte talked during Utah week. 

If you can't view the above video, here's another version:

On being over the flu:

I'm done with it, getting better.  

On how he felt during the game:

I was still pretty sick but I had to battle through it. I'm definitely better now, better than I was last Tuesday. I knew I had to play and I knew I had to do my part for the team.

On Utah's defense:

They play to the whistle and play fast and physical. I'm excited to face them.

On playing on the road:

I think it's a different mindset the team brings. Coach Mora trickles it down.  We turn it up another notch and get ready to go.

On Jordan Payton closing in on the receiving record:

I'm happy for him.  He works hard. He deserves it. It will be exciting to see him get that record. I'm sure last game helped him a lot.

On if helped Payton get more touches against WSU:

I wouldn't say I contributed, but he's doing his thing. We're happy for him.

On the synergy with Josh Rosen:

A lot more.  You can tell Josh is trusting more people now and he's getting a lot more comfortable in the pocket.  Its exciting and we're coming a long way.

On Rosen's maturation:

It's day and night. The beginning of the season, he was this raw quarterback, and now he's Josh Rosen, everyone knows him.  You can't really compare him to any other quarterback.  His leadership skills are he's more the quiet leader, but speaks up when he needs to.  He controls the offense, the way we want him to.

On if they're doing more from the playbook:  

I think so. He's getting more comfortable and more trusting.

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