Jordan Payton on His Last Road Game, Records

Nov. 20 -- Senior receiver Jordan Payton talked about his last true road game of his UCLA career, and setting records...

Jordan Payton talked during the week leading up to Utah. 

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On his last Pac-12 road trip:

Its a special moment.  Its been an amazing four years here.  Being able to change the program, be in a national light, be in a huge stage on Saturday, in our biggest game of the year. I'm excited, all the seniors are excited.

On handling adversity:

We're relentless. We've had some huge losses, but we'll not make that excuse. It definitely affects your team, you can't lie about that. It will be exciting on Saturday and I'm happy to see a lot of young guys step up.

On Utah's defense:

The whole world knows their pressure and man-to-man. They've stuck by it. We have to beat man-to-man and play football.

On facing Utah this late in the season:

I don't think it's bad. Josh has seen everything now. He's a phenomenal player and he'll be one of the best to ever play here, if not the best. The gifts that God gave him are unbelievable. He's seen every look. I'm excited to see him take the stage against a phenomenal defense.  I haven't seen an all out blitz, but just about everything. We've seen some very tough defenses, like BYU, they brought some different stuff. A couple other schools brought a unique look.  We haven't seen a defense like Utah.

On tying the school record for catches:

I'm a little upset I didn't break it, because I dropped a little screen pass. Its amazing to tie, very cool, anytime you can get 14 catches in a game, its an honor. I know I'm really close to the all-time record.  It's cool to leave a legacy. You come in with those kind of dreams so to make them come true is unbelievable.

On if he picked up the slack from Thomas Duarte:

I think so.  He came up after the game and said 'I let you have it.'  He looked good. He missed all week. He looked good. He had the flu, so sometimes he was tired, or I thought he was, then he took off. He played good for being sick.  It showed his character and who he is.

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