VIDEO: Tom Bradley on Preparing For Utah

Nov. 18 -- Tom Bradley talked about preparing for Utah's offense and Travis Wilson...

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On Utah's offense:

Its a powerful offense, they can run the football, they do a great job throwing it, play action, it will be a tough afternoon containing this offense. They have a great running back, a quarterback who makes good decisions.

On dealing with running quarterbacks:

We try to get better every day. Every offense presents a new challenge. Its more than just the offense and X's and O's, its the personnel and the scheme.

On Devontae Booker:

His shoulders are always square, he's great with the football. He's one of those backs who goes two yards, three yards and then twenty yards. He's always trying to move the chains.  He understands that in that scheme. He knows that if he stays in it, eventually, he'll get the big one.  He's a workhorse.  I didn't know he had more carries than anybody, but I know he gets a lot of them. He loves to play, is a competitor and I love the way he plays the game.

On Pac-12 offenses:

Everyone has a little different wrinkle. The Big Ten spreads them out too, power.  The Big 12, different style. Every team has a different style. Everyone you play, their personnel lies in different formations. At the end of the day, it's not the X's and O's, its the Jimmy's and Joe's.

On Kenny Clark's pass rushing:

That's his dedication and hard work.  He studies protections well and splits.  He watches film.  You have to have relentless effort. He just keeps coming.  He's playing a lot of plays.  We move him around a little bit to give him a chance to use his different style of pass rush.

On not getting holding calls:

I say this all the time, players play, coaches coach, and officials officiate.  That's not my job and I don't worry about it, we get ready to play the next play and see what happens.

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