VIDEO: Kenny Clark on Sacks

Nov. 19 -- Kenny Clark talked about recording more sacks this season and what changes he's made to do so...

Kenneth Clark talked during Utah week.

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On a career-high in sacks:

It was good.  Something I've never done before. Getting that, it made me happy.  I could see myself develop into what I want to.

On what he does as a DT to get sacks:

Relentless effort. You have to be relentless in there. Trust the guys around you.  The outside guys stepped up.  Its a team game.  We all help out each other. Everybody knows what everybody means to this team.  Pushing the pocket, getting to the quarterback.

On if this is the pass-rusher he envisioned himself:

Yeah, I wanted to work on a lot of things, like my power. I'm a strong, powerful guy. I have to start working things off my power and use my strengths.  I'm trying to get better every day.

On being used differently:

It depends on the situation and what's going on at that moment.  A lot of times, I end up in the 3, or I back up off the ball, a lot of things happen.  I just have to do things differently.

On Devontae Booker:

That's the best running back we'll play all year. He's a tremendous athlete.  You can't arm tackle because he'll run through arm tackles.  He's just a powerful runner.  He's fast. He has good balance. If you hit him, he stays on his feet. We have to do a good job of hitting him and our linebackers have to be in their gaps.

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