VIDEO: Jim Mora on Thursday Before Utah

Nov. 19 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora talks about Jerry Neuheisel and Kenny Orjioke moving on and the upcoming game with Utah...

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Opening statement:

It's been a good week so far. We've got tomorrow. Josh (Rebholz) was just telling me, the helmets we had, that said UCLA and had the Stars and Stripes, we auctioned a couple of them, and we were able to raise $10,000 for homeless vets and were able to move four homeless vets into homes. Its a pretty neat deal when you can do something like that. We've had a really good week of practice.  We're sitting in a very difficult conference and it's hard every week to win games. We have an opportunity to go out and play a really good Utah team for some big stakes and our guys are excited about it.

On Kenny Orjioke and Jerry Neuheisel likely being done after this season:

It looks that way. I don't think you'll see Jerry move that far. He's a UCLA guy.  He's already talked with me about coaching. And he'd be a natural at it. Both of those guys, if they haven't completed, they're really close.  Jerry is a smart kid, coaching is in his blood.  UCLA is in his blood. I can't see him going very far.   

On Neuheisel as an offensive coordinator:

We have an offensive coordinator who's set 48 records at UCLA and created game plans where we've gone over 500 yards six times this year.  I think that's pretty good. We have a pretty good one here.

On the Pac-12 South being more competitive:

I think the conference is more competitive, just through and through.  You look at teams that struggled the last couple years, Cal, Colorado and Washington State, and they're making noise. Through and through, there is not a week where you go 'this team, we can get them'.  Washington is playing great defense, Arizona State, Arizona, every one is coming. Its a very difficult conference. One of the things tough about it, with two losses, the conference plays itself out of the national championship picture which is unfortunate.

On if Deon Hollins' reprimand involves anything else:


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