Josh Rosen and Paul Perkins After Utah

Nov. 21 -- Quarterback Josh Rosen and running back Paul Perkins answered questions from the media about the big victory over the Utes...

Josh Rosen and Paul Perkins talked to the media after the Utah game.

If you can't access the above video, here's another version: 


On taking hits:

I got the wind knocked out of me. I knew I wasn't hurt. I was just gasping for air.  It's football. You take shots, get up and keep going.

On hiding the pain:

It wasn't really pain, I couldn't breathe for a few seconds.  But you keep going.

On how big the win was:

Very big.

On if UCLA can beat USC:


On the opening drive:

Every drive is more important than the previous one. Our goal doesn't change, we want a touchdown.

On what they saw from Utah's defense:

We made small adjustments.  


On Utah:

They had a good front four, like BYU. It was definitely a great game for us.

On the difference in mood in locker room postgame than after last week:

It was a bunch of 18-22 year olds, of course we were happy, but we know we have to get our minds right next week.

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