UCLA DC Tom Bradley Talks About Keeping Utes Out of Endzone

Nov. 21 -- UCLA Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley talked about his defense keeping Utah out of the endzone...

If you can't access the above video, here's another version: 

On the game:

I like the cold weather. I feel at home.  I'm on my game.  

On Utah's rushing struggles late:

In fairness to them, their top rusher wasn't playing and he's a heck of a football player. So that took away from their offense.  But our guys did a good job adapting. Once again, its hard to duplicate that stuff in practice. As good as Jerry Neuheisel is, the precision is very different. Our guys did a good job, the fourth quarter was complete for us.

On the adjustments:

We started to play games with our tackles and ends and doing things at different times.  I thought the biggest play of the game was stopping at the goalline.  I though that was a game-changer. We did some things in the second half we didn't do in the first half, so I'm sure it was a non-practiced look for them.

On Utah's backup running back:

He was a bigtime speed guy. I thought he played really well. Not having much on him, we didn't think they'd change it much. They did a couple things early, but then they did what we expected.

On Matt Dickerson:

Matt has really gotten better and has improved each and every game.


I coached in a few rivalry games, so I'm sure it's the same intensity, Pitt-Penn State, Penn State-Ohio State, Penn State-Michigan. I understand the rivalry and tradition. We played against Southern Cal a couple times at Penn State. It's an important game for them and it should be a heck of a football game.

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