Jordan Payton on His Record, Rosen

Nov. 21 -- UCLA receiver Jordan Payton talks about breaking the UCLA all-time reception record, and Josh Rosen at halftime...

@jordan paytonJordan Payton talks about Utah, breaking the UCLA all-time reception record, and Josh Rosen at halftime. 

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On Josh Rosen:

He has a great head on his shoulders. At halftime, he came in and drew up a play, and changed it up, based on the looks.  It was a play and he adjusted it. He told us different ways to do it.  He's definitely not a freshman.  Coach Mazzone is fantastic and they have a great relationship.  He lets him have a lot of input. He changed it and it worked for us.

On Rosen getting hit more:

He's a tough kid.  He'll stay in there till he has to get hit.  He has a gift.  He can pinpoint the ball wherever, whether he's hit or not. It's crazy but its great to be able to watch him.  I always tell him he has to be tough as nails.

On anticipating Rosen's success:

To be honest, no, I don't think anyone thought a freshman could do the things he has. But as I'm around him more, he's fanatical. He's texting, he's watching film.  I saw a lot of it at camp, the way he prepared, the way he locked himself in the room. He's going to be a great UCLA quarterback.

On if he knew he broke the record:

No, but I did know based on Coach Yarbs reaction.  He snagged the ball for me. I kind of had the feeling that's why he was doing it.

On owning the record:

It's an honor. It's definitely an honor. For me, I was more happy that we got the win. But to go down in history as the all-time leader in receptions, its something you work for. Its cool for my family, for the guys I play with at the wideout position. Its great.

On if he heard from former receivers:

Shaq (Evans) just texted me. He was here. I looked up to Shaq a lot. He showed me a lot. It was definitely an honor.

On the ball:

I'm going to go give it to my parents right now, maybe you guys will get the replica.

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