Deon Hollins After Utah Saturday

Nov. 23 -- Linebacker/Defensive End Deon Hollins talks about UCLA's defensive performance, and eliciting some holding calls...

Deon Hollins talked after the Utah game Saturday.

if the above video doesn't work, here's an alternate version:

On what's different about the defense:

I mentioned it earlier in the week, but we're more comfortable with each other on the field. Early in the year, we suffered a lot of injuries and guys were overcompensating on the field.  Everyone tries to find their own spot on the defense.  A lot of things in the run game, we fixed it in the second half, a lot of schematic things in the first half. I wouldn't say we're bend but dont break.  They were having success, they have a monster O-Line. Wilson was doing what he'd done best.

On what they were saying to themselves:

We were saying don't let them score. Utah is a great, ferocious defense. So don't let them score. As long as we kept them out of the end zone, dont let the crowd get in to the game.

On their red zone stops:

A lot of times we were in nickel, then we'd go base.  Our mentality kind of changed. We tied down and had a mountain on our back.

On taking runs up the middle away:

It was kind of schematic. Their running backs have great vision, but the second half, we stopped it. That's what Kenny Clark does, he's top ten in the nation.

On if Travis Wilson is the toughest quarterback to bring down:

Absolutely, and the quarterback from Colorado.  Wilson has those real long arms and he's lower body strong, and has a real long stride, so he's tough to bring down.

On the defense getting some holding calls:

I think Coach McClure does a good job of ripping under the tackles and doing our best to get back there.  If you have good technique, then lot of good lineman have to hold. I felt we did a pretty good job of that.

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