Takkarist McKinley on DL Tactics Against Utah

Nov. 22 -- The UCLA defensive end Takkarist McKinley talked about the techniques and tactics the UCLA DL used to thwart Utah in the second half...

Takkarist McKinley talked after the Utah game Saturday.

If the above video doesn't work, here's another version:

On the defense ending on a good note this week:

We had the mindset to finish.  On the sidelines, we were all about 'finish, finish, finish' and end this game.

On how much last week was in their mind:

I know some guys probably thought about it. Our gameplan was to stop them.  They had a little success in the first half, but in the second half, we made adjustments and tried to make Wilson throw the ball.  

On their adjustments:

As a D-Line we have to keep our head in the gap.  What helped us out was who was coming and getting penetration. A lot of what we did threw them off.

On how much of the coaching is helping he make the adjustment:

A lot. He's a great coach. Angus has put a lot of guys in the NFL. Datone, Cassius, Owa.  We just have to take his advice on the field.

On stopping Utah's running:

Their o-line was pretty good, pretty physical.  It's on us to make sure our head was in our gap. Once we made adjustments and stopped their running game, it was good for our pass rush.

On the fourth quarter defense:

We worried about getting the win.

On preparing for Utah's backup running back:

You have to treat them all the same, that's all you can do. You have to keep making adjustments throughout the game.

On if it was good to get some holding calls:


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